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Mediterranean Sea - Gap Or Bridge?, Perspectives on Cooperation in Education and Scholarship Between Germany and the Arab World ; 10th Conference Trialoge of Cultures, GTZ-Haus, Berlin, September 12-13, 2005

Creator: Nils Warner | Germany - 2006

35 pages

Epilepsy in the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region, Bridging the Gap

Creator: World Health Organization | Medical - 2010

Epilepsy affects an estimated 4.7 million people in the Eastern Mediterranean Region. Despite the fact that low-cost treatments are available, up to 98% of individuals in some countries are not able to benefit.

Publisher: World Health Organization

About this book
Epilepsy, a common neurological disorder, is a target of enduring myths which have shaped social and cultural attitudes and practices. Such myths continue to survive, and contribute in no small measure to the stigma and discrimination faced by people affected by epilepsy and their families.Epilepsy affects an estimated 4.7 million people in the Eastern Mediterranean Region. Despite the fact that low-cost treatments are available, up to 98% of individuals in some countries are not able to benefit. This report brings together, for the first time, all the available evidence on epidemiology, etiology and management available from the Region and suggests the directions that need to be pursued to bridge the gap between the resources needed and those available, in order to make treatment of epilepsy accessible and affordable to the community. The report is the result of collaborative efforts between WHO, ILEA and IBE and will be of interest not only to health professionals but also to the public.

451 pages

Landscape Disturbance and Biodiversity in Mediterranean-Type Ecosystems

Creator: Philip W. Rundel, Gloria Montenegro, Fabian Jaksic | Science - 2013-04-17

Invoking historical effects, he argues that the regeneration mode in gap-avoiding species is ill-adapted to the mediterranean climate and represents evolutionary inertia. I agree with Herrera on the importance of phylogeny; indeed, it is clearly ...

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

About this book
Human impact on natural landscapes through urbanization and agricultural expansion are becoming more and more dramatic and are the cause of serious environmental problems. This volume examines the effect of landscape disturbance on plant and animal diversity in the five mediterranean-climate regions of the world. It begins with three introductory chapters broadly reviewing the issues of landscape degradation. Further contributions describe regional land use conflicts in each of the five regions. Landscape disturbance and plant diversity, and landscape disturbance and animal diversity are treated in separate chapters. Four contributions deal with demography and ecophysiology in vegetation succession following disturbance. The volume closes with a consideration of the future addressing aspects of environmental politics.

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