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Bellia on her own has done more for the study of music and musical culture in Magna Graecia and Sicily than all other scholars put together, so it comes as no big surprise that this first volume deals with that same part of the Mediterranean world. The papers are divided across four sections: one about singer-songwriters, one about musical instruments, one about the iconography, and one about music in context, more specifically as an element in religious ritual. The papers in the iconography section are short – not counting the images – and do not delve very deep: one is presented with a handful of dance or music imagery, and that is it. Albertocchi tries to do rather more than that, but with its seven... Of course, there are a number of papers in the other sections that would have fitted this section too, especially the papers by Terranova and Liveri and part of Bellia's introduction. With the written sources, too, there are questions to be asked: when Bellia in a single passage (pp. 27-28) builds up her argument with elements culled from the works of Aristoxenos, Theokritos, Probus, Lucian, Pollux, Athenaios and Diomedes, I... In listing the sections I have changed the order: to have three sections dealing with textual sources, archaeological artifacts and iconography, followed by a section of a more synthetic nature, seems to make sense and I will discuss the different... In fact, I think Bellia, however commendable her reticence in the face of the fragmentary evidence, could have been more confident: the available sources for the Greek world, and that includes the Greek West, make more than clear that music and... The section of most value to those interested in mousikē as a societal phenomenon, studied in context (and I admit to being one of those), would seem to be the one on "musica e rito": music in a religious setting (and dance – but that word is... The sources "call to mind", "may be the reflection of" and so on. In the one instance, this carries conviction – though still the ineluctable gap between the imagery and the real might have been addressed more explicitly – in the other, one may... Also, here – and at many other instances throughout the volume, but I will not be repeating it – one may readily ask what actually is specific about the culture of the Western Greeks: so much reference is made to the Greek motherland in order to... Over one-third of these pages are claimed by the paper by Calame which is a wide-ranging examination of Greek 'song-culture' in the Greek colonies and the mainland, focusing on Stesichoros. Bellia is actually quite clear about that: we want to know what kind of music and dance were performed, and how this was related to particular cults, to the history, identity and social structure of individual communities, and to the relationships... For the section as a whole, it is not always clear what contribution the visual material presented here is supposed to make to our general understanding of the musical culture of Magna Graecia. In this section there are 6 papers, another 100 pages, and one could add here the general introduction by Bellia. There are some papers here that hold promise: De Cesare's view of music (and probably dance too) as an intercultural lingua franca , Terranova on the development of the tympanon into a symbol of death and afterlife, and Liveri explicitly... With proof, or with a more or less reliable hypothesis, that music and dance were part of many different cultic events at many sanctuaries across Magna Graecia and Sicily. It would be the suggestion that this could be different in Magna Graecia and on Sicily that would need explaining, not the suggestion that the Greeks of those areas are as appreciative of music and dance as their relatives in the motherland. The instruments section, also consisting of 5 papers, another 50 pages, is, unsurprisingly, the most technical part of the volume. Nevertheless, it remains that this volume seems to be making a lot of song and dance about very meagre sources – leading to attempts to squeeze even the last little drop of information out of small text fragments or equally small assemblages of... All papers here present mostly new evidence, and their importance cannot be doubted – the more casual reader, however, will probably move on quickly to a less technical section and leave this to the specialists. Some of these papers emanate from a 2013 conference organized at Agrigento by MOISA International Society for the Study of Greek and Roman Music and its Cultural Heritage. The anthropology of music and dance can be very helpful: however, not a single such anthropological study is referred to in this volume. The singer-songwriter section consists of 5 papers taking up some 50 pages. Bellia refers to some of these, but discusses none of them in any depth: the relationship between motherland, Greek colonies and indigenous communities and what this meant in terms of cultural change (there is a single mention of "acculturazione... The iconography section consists of 8 papers, taking up some 100 pages. We will turn now to the different sections, which I will largely discuss as a whole because there is no room to review all 24 papers on their own. To quote from just three pages (21-23): "non si via esplicito riferimento", "non può escludersi", "suggeriscono" and "potrebbero richiamare", together with a sprinkling of "forse" and "probabilmente" – all of which can be summarized as: "there... Bellia's introduction offers a conspectus of cultic activity in Magna Graecia and on Sicily, focusing on divinities, most importantly Apollo, Hera, Demeter, Artemis and Dionysos. If you read through the whole book and piece it all together, you do know more about the musical life of Greek communities in the West. Especially the three papers on archaeologically attested auloi, well-documented and well-illustrated, will make the heart of those who are organologically interested beat a bit faster. Altogether the line-up is quite impressive – as also reflected in the superior quality of the book itself: proof-reading, paper, printing, illustrations, it is all excellent. Here again, as was the case with the first section, a relative dearth of relevant sources seems to undermine the authors' intentions and efforts. anyone with such an interest should at the very least read Bellia's introduction and have a closer look at the archaeological material scattered throughout this book. They are all excellent, but they seem without point or aim because there is so very little evidence to go by. Even if there is something worthwhile here on Stesichoros, Pythagoras, Empedokles and Architas, there is little on the composition and...

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430 pages

The Mediterranean Response to Globalization Before 1950

Creator: Şevket Pamuk, Jeffrey G. Williamson | 2000-06-05

Thus, by the end of the late nineteenth century, there were huge real-wage and living-standard gaps between the Mediterranean periphery and the industrial core in northwestern Europe. Furthermore, there were huge gaps around the ...

Publisher: Psychology Press

About this book
The studies in this exceptional volume explore the challenges and opportunities presented by globalization events prior to 1950, and identify how countries around the Mediterranean responded to them. In addition to comparative assessments of regional performance, the volume offers detailed case studies of Spain, Italy, the Balkans, Turkey, Israel and Egypt.

181 pages

Mediterranean Sea - gap or bridge?, perspectives on cooperation in education and scholarship between Germany and the Arab world ; 10th Conference Trialoge of Cultures, GTZ-Haus, Berlin, September 12-13, 2005

Creator: Herbert Quandt Stiftung | History - 2006-05-15

485 pages

Biogeography of Mediterranean Invasions

Creator: R. H. Groves | Science - 1991-11-07

Thus, the spaces ('gaps') between the horizontal foliage cover of both overstorey and understorey are predictable. ... the seed bank (Equation (6)), compared with that recorded in the warm-temperate mediterranean region (Equation (5)).

Publisher: Cambridge Univ Pr

About this book
The Mediterranean basin, California, Chile, the western Cape of South Africa, and southern Australia share a Mediterranean climate characterized by cool, wet winters and hot, dry summers. These five regions have differing patterns of human settlement, but similarities in natural vegetation and some faunal assemblages. These likenesses are enhanced with time by an increasing level of biotic exchange among the regions. An initiative of a subcommittee of SCOPE (Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment), which realized that the integrity of many natural ecosystems is being threatened by the ingress of invasive species, this book uniquely documents the introduced floras and faunas, especially plants, buds, and mammals, in these five regions of Mediterranean climate, and aims to increase our understanding of the ecology of biological invasions. In doing so, it points a way to more effectively manage the biota of these regions.

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JSTOR: Current Anthropology, Vol. 55, No. 4 (August 2014 ...
The Mediterranean has long played host to unusually intense patterns of maritime-led exchange, involving both products made beyond the basin and local, culturally ...


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